Significance of BMB of Disease in practical life
Significance of BMB of Disease in practical life

Significance of BMB of Disease in practical life

Whenever I read any causes or symptoms of a disease. I feel that some of the symptoms are present in me too or matching with me. Then I look deep into all the symptoms and my interest to know more about that disease increases gradually. Trying to find out if any other symptoms is matching with me or not. After studying, I can decide about what things should I follow or maintain and what things should I avoid. A common man who has not read BMB of Disease will not be able to relate to these things. I myself feel the significance of BMB of Disease in practical life greatly. Let’s start with a real example:

I have a student who is morbidly obese. When I see him, I remember obesity that I have read in this course. The guardian tells me that my student don’t want to eat any fruits nor any vegetables. Eats outside food every day. Even at night, most of the time he eats fast food as dinner. Then I remembered eating too much fat and excess body weight are the major causes of obesity. The boy does not want to go to school or outside, stays at home all day long clinging with his mobile phone. There is no physical work at all. In this way, the amounts of calories consumed daily cannot be burned. The extra calories are then stored as fat. That is the exact case in my student.

One day during study, he asked me, “Sir, what can I do to sleep well at night?”. After that I came to know that he does not sleep before 3 o’clock. Among the symptoms of obesity we will find:

• Trouble sleeping

• Fatigue

• Sweating more than usual

• Inability to perform simple physical tasks

• Shortness of breath

All these signs completely match him. Moreover, we also learn that obesity is also caused by genetic factors. Honestly speaking, his mother is also very fat. We also read that obese people suffer from psychological issues such as:

• Depression

• Shame

• Social isolation

I don’t know if my student also suffers from such mental problems or not. This is the practical example of obesity that many people may encounter in their daily life. Someone who has not read BMB of Disease will not understand these things. However, as Biochemists we know the causes and symptoms of obesity as well as the prevention and treatment that we can practically apply it in our own life as well as in the family life to stay out of obesity.

Again, we often see Goiter patients while traveling on the road. A common man will never know what causes Goiter and what is its prevention. By reading BMB of Disease we know that when the thyroid gland produces excess amount of T3, T4 hormones then Hyperthyroidism occurs and due to this goiter forms. How to keep thyroid hormones under control and what steps can be taken to avoid thyroid disease – we can learn these by reading BMB of Disease and can apply in our practical life too.

We have also learned about various types of bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, shigella and viral diseases such as hepatitis, influenza etc and their complications, how they spread and how to prevent. For example, a normal people will not understand the significance of washing hands, using masks and many more.

At present Diabetes can be found in every household. A very common phenomenon. From BMB of Disease, we have learned what causes diabetes and how to control diabetes and what treatment should we take. We have known that restricted diet and regular exercise can control diabetes. We have also learned about the medications of diabetes. So, by applying these knowledges practically in our life we can stay healthy and survive from diabetes.

Also learned about the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. How HIV spreads and how not. What are the symptoms and what complications can there be and how to prevent HIV. These information can also be shared with common people and encourage them to apply in their practical life too. By doing this, we can also reduce the severity of HIV/AIDS.

There are some genetic diseases that no normal people can ever know unless they read BMB of Disease. It depicts about the causes and symptoms of various rare genetic diseases such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs disease etc. Many times, we see among our relatives who have not had any children for many years and there are also those who have had abnormal children. We have now known about the causes of these abnormality and now-a-days we can also determine whether there is any genetic disorder or chromosomal aberrations in the child by reading BMB of Disease.

Above all, as a Biochemist our most important thing is to know the diagnosis of any disease. We must know how to diagnose and what techniques are there such as:

• Blood test

• Screening test

Karyotype tests

• Non lab tests

Tests by looking at physical features and many others. And also how to interpret data from the tests. Data interpretation is very crucial in determining whether someone has disease or not. This can also be learned and applied in our practical life too.

Download Data Interpretation PDF

In the end, it can be clearly said that the significance of BMB of Disease in our practical life is enormous. It is not a subject only for the Biochemist, rather it is a subject for all general people. BMB of Disease teaches us how to lead a disciplined diet and a healthy life as well as how to treat and diagnose diseases in our practical life. The best part is, a normal individual will not know behind the scene of a disease or medication but someone who reads BMB of Disease will take medications by knowing why and what it will do to his/her body.

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